On the 21st of September,  we see the release of ‘Don’t Waste Your Time’, the exciting new single from Copenhagen producer Okugo, featuring London vocalist Matt Henry.

‘Don’t Waste Your Time’ sees Okugo and Matt Henry link up for the first time. While the two have yet to meet in person, they still manage to explore their shared affection for the UK music scene on this Urban Dubz release.

While the single is based on the ideals of the past and present UK music scene, drawing comparisons from some of the familiar sounds of Craig David and MJ Cole in the past, the new single also has an underlying meaning.

A steady retro-fuelled beat drives the summery, nostalgic charm of ‘Don’t Waste No Time’. Meanwhile, Matt’s voice holds a calming presence as the song continues to flow with atmospheric indulgence and golden showers of shimmering synth work.

‘Don’t Waste No Time’ delivers on its intentions, as it rewards you with the feeling of being ready to take on the moments that lay in your wait.

Label: Urban Dubz Music
Release Date: 21st September 2015