We have something very special for you and the first of its kind anywhere. Garage & Deep House is currently smashing up the club scene worldwide and Loopwax has teamed up with Garage music’s most prolific and pioneering producer Jeremy Sylvester famed for his music productions and remixes under the famous Nice n Ripe record label, Azuli Records, Defected and many others. This ‘humungous’ sample pack is jam packed with Jeremy’s trademark dirty, bumpy and groovy drums, big ass funky basslines that rip through your soul, classic oldskool feel chord patterns and riffs with chopped up percussive vocal grooves taking you back to that 90s vibe but with a nu-skool twist.

Loop Wax is very proud to bring you the first part in our Ableton Projects series. A great way for producers to learn how the PRO producers create their tracks in Ableton.

With this pack you can go deep into how the song is layered out within Ableton and how the tracks, transitions, progressions are put together in an arrangement. See how the bass is balanced with the drums and what compression and EQ is used. View how the vocals are cut-up, arranged and tuned to follow the drums, bass and chord riffs. Learn how the drums are put together using drum instruments and samples. See how NI Massive is used within the song for baselines and monitor compression, eq and balance on the channel. You will be able to view how each channel is made up and re-edit the channels to your own desire inspiring you to create your own tracks and arrangements in this Garage/Deep House genre. This has got to be the best way of learning techniques from Jeremy Sylvester previously never seen before. Understand the format, arrangement and logic behind certain production techniques and apply it to your own tracks.

Loop Wax aims to bring you only the finest sample packs on the planet from experienced and established producers, engineers and sound designers from all over the world.

Contains 4 Ableton Songs
24Bit Wav Audio Stems
2.54 GB (Zipped) // 6.3GB (Unzipped)
Requires Ableton 9.1 or above
Requires Korg M1 Plugin
Requires NI Massive 1.2.0 or above

For non Ableton Suite users, there are 24bit WAV audio stems provided of every single track.